One summer vacation my mother signed me up for a sewing class at the local sewing center. I made a lime-green key-hole mini dress. It was so bright and I thought it was perfect. I still remember the fashion show where all the students got to show off their creations. The parents were so proud. In school I always signed up for sewing class. I loved the idea of making something original. As a young mother my sewing skills came in handy every Halloween when I made my boys their costumes. Curtains and other home sewing projects followed. When my husband and I relocated to Massachusetts I signed up for a class at a local shop to make my first quilt. Not long after than I started teaching quilting. One day I lost my IT job, along with about 2,000 others, and I decided that the corporate world would have to go on without me. Longarm machine quilting was my next adventure. I taught longarm quilting for a shop that sold longarm machines. We sold machines at shows and other events. Four years later I was hired by the leading longarm manufacturer as a territory sales manager were I spent over 5 years as a "road warrior" but it was time to get off the road and start my own business, Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing Center.
Our classroom space is the largest in the area with lots of natural light, generous workspace and multiple design walls, ironing stations and cutting tables. Stop in for a visit!
A full class schedule is ready for those eager to learn new techniques or just join in with others that share their passion for fabric and fun.
See you soon! G