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What is By The Numbers Fabric System?

BTN Packs are pre-cut fabric packages. Each package is 1 yard of fabric. Pre-cuts are numbered according to the cut size of fabric in the package.
For example, #12 is Fat Twelves (6" x *HWOF), #8 is Fat Eighths (9" x HWOF), #6 Fat Sixths (12" x HWOF) and #4 Fat Quarters (18" x HWOF)
#3 is a 1/3 Yard Pack, #2 is 1/2 Yard Pack and #1 is a 1 Yard Pack
* HWOF = Half the Width of Fabric

Why do I want BTN Fabric Packs?
First, who wouldn't want fabric! But these packages were developed to provide you with a little something new to add to your stash or you can use these pre-cuts with many patterns on the market or with BTN Patterns.

What are BTN Patterns?
BTN Patterns were designed to be used with the BTN Fabric Packs and can also be used with your stash. Patterns have the numbers on the front of the pattern and show what packs are used. On the back under Fabric Requirements you see the quantity of packs needed and you will also see the yardage requirements.

Do I have to use BTN Fabric Packs to make a project using BTN Patterns?
No! You do not need to use BTN Fabric Packs, use your stash or select fabric from the bolt.

Who designed the BTN Fabric System and Patterns? After years of hearing my customers say that they were not going to be tempted to buy any more fabric until they used their stash I decided to bundle groups of fabrics that I liked to used in a project and cut them into a variety of pre-cut sizes. Now you can have a little something new without breaking your promise plus you can use yardage for backgrounds and borders from your stash.
My customers like to see the collections I created and enjoy using them in projects and to build their stash.

I invited my designer friend, Debbie Wendt to create patterns that use the fabric system. We currently have many patterns designed to use BTN Packs. And not just quilts!
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